Crime and Place Lite


The free-to-try Lite version of Crime and Place is functionally similar to the paid version, with the following exceptions:

  • Crime and Place Lite includes 2015 crime data by default. An in-app purchase can be made to download the latest set of crime data available.
  • The following features are restricted, but may be unlocked with an in-app purchase:

    • Map interactions such as panning and zooming
    • Searching for addresses or points of interest
    • Customizing crime metrics
    • My Crime Reference functionality

The full set of Crime and Place features can be found on our features page.

In-App Purchases

In-app purchases can be made to unlock the full feature set of Crime and Place, and/or download the latest set of crime data.

The following products are available for purchase:

  • Pro Features - provides full access to all features
  • Data Update - download the most recent set of crime data available

Making and Restoring Purchases

In-app purchases can be made from the About section of Settings. Selecting the Buy or Restore Purchases option will direct you to the available purchase options.


In-app purchases will be listed under Available Products. Tap the Buy button to commence a purchase. Items may be purchased independently.


If you don’t see your purchases, you may need to restore them. This might happen if you delete and reinstall the app, or if you purchased the app on another device. Tap the Restore button to restore previous purchases. Data updates may download as a result.

In-App Purchases
In-App Purchases

Crime and Place Lite for iOS

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